Hi there.

I'm Cynthia Lin, a master's candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying electrical engineering and computer science. I'm currently investigating preference elicitation strategies for reducing cold start in music recommender systems under Professor Eran Egozy at the MIT Music Technology Lab. My main interests are music information retrieval, human computer interaction, and open source software.

I've completed two internships at Microsoft: I most recently designed mechanisms to automate installing cloud-native application bundles (CNABs) on Azure Kubernetes clusters, enabling the potential to publish containerized solutions as CNABs in Azure Marketplace. I also automated the detection and alerting of marketing campaign anomalies.

Previously, I interned at Amazon Game Tech, working on their new open source cross-platform 3D game engine O3DE. I also developed applications for neurotechnology research for the MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces group. My other past internship hosts include TSMC and Kandra Labs, the team behind the open source group chat application Zulip.

I am an avid supporter of open source software. I'm actively involved in the discord.js project as a community staff member, and I was a long-time core team contributor to Zulip from 2016 to 2019. I was also a Google Code-in finalist and grand prize winner, and I mentored university students for Google Summer of Code, becoming one of the youngest to do so. I also advocate for open source through giving talks at conferences, including PyCon, PyBay, and Open Source Summit North America.

Take a look at my projects if you're interested in learning more about my work. Alternatively, you can get in touch with me by emailing me at [first name][last initial]@[school initials].edu.