Hi there.

I'm Cynthia Lin, a second-year undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying computer science. My main interests are software engineering and full-stack development. I currently research human-computer interaction under Lea Verou through Professor David Karger's Haystack Group at CSAIL. This summer, I'll be joining Amazon as a software development engineer intern.

In the past, I developed applications for neurotechnology research for the MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces group. I also interned at TSMC and Kandra Labs, the team behind the open source group chat application Zulip.

I am an avid supporter of open source software. I was a Google Code-in finalist and grand prize winner, and I mentored university students for Google Summer of Code, becoming one of the youngest to do so. I also advocate for open source through giving talks at conferences, including PyCon, PyBay, and Open Source Summit North America.

Take a look at my projects if you're interested in learning more about my work. Alternatively, you can get in touch with me by emailing me at [first name][last initial]@[school initials].edu.